What is the Safest Area to Stay in Bangkok?

When planning your Thailand holiday you are likely asking yourself is Thailand safe? Is Bangkok safe? What is the best area to stay in Bangkok? Many visitors worry about stepping out alone in a new city. One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Public House is about solo travel for women who want to know what warning signs to look out for to stay safe in Bangkok.

Is Bangkok Dangerous?
No! But not all areas of the city are the same. There are spots where we don't think you should go walking alone at night flashing your Rolex. Overall though, Bangkok is not a dangerous city and Thailand is safe for travelers.

According to the Numbeo Crime Index 2023, Bangkok comes in at number 207! Bangkok has lower crime rates than other popular travel destinations in Asia like major cities in the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

To stay safe, it is a good idea to get a hotel in Bangkok near the BTS along Sukhumvit road Bangkok. Of course, one of the best Hotels in Bangkok Thailand is Public House Sukhumvit 31, perfectly situated to get you home easily and safely.

BTS & MRT Stations in Bangkok for Safety
The BTS Bangkok Skytrain and MRT Metro stations, including Phrom Phong, Asoke, and Sukhumvit are fortresses of safety. These stations are packed with surveillance cameras, bright lighting, and security staff, ensuring a secure journey for all. The Bangkok BTS runs from 5am till after midnight. And the Bangkok MTR Metro underground runs from 6am to midnight.

Riding Smart with Hide-Hailing Apps
Bangkok taxi drivers can sometimes try to take advantage of tourists. But there is no Uber Bangkok. Here we use Grab, Bolt, or InDrive to call private cars, bikes, Bangkok taxis, or even vans and SUVs.

These are amazing for easy Bangkok airport transfers. It's a smart move to hop on a ride-hailing app. Like us locals, you will feel safe knowing the driver’s name, license plate, the price of the ride, and the estimated arrival time before you jump in a car with a stranger!
Bangkok Thailand Crime
No place is immune to petty crimes like pickpocketing, but it's worth noting that violent crimes against foreigners in Bangkok are rare and even for solo travel for women, it is safe. Keep an eye on your belongings in crowded areas and use those street smarts.

Some areas which might require extra diligence include The famous Khlong Toie Slums. Avoid walking through the small alleys alone at night in case your purse looks a bit too tempting to someone in need.

Use caution if visiting Bangkok’s red light districts of Soi Cowboy, Patpong, and Nana Plaza. These rowdy spots are lively with the flow of booze and overeager clientele, and every now and then some people get taken advantage of. Thefts happen, as do drunken fights and altercations.

Be cool, be savvy, stay alert, and you will be just fine!

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