The general terms and conditions apply for all services and deliveries by the hotel

We reserve the right to update these terms & conditions periodically by posting the revised version. The changes will become effective upon posting. Certain parts or features of the Site may be subject to additional terms and conditions, in which case you will be duly informed
Check-in, check-out, and no-show policy

• Check-in from 14.00 PM onwards.
• Check-out is until 12.00 PM.
• Early check-in and late check out subject to the availability, minimum 1 day advance request is required. Additional fees may be applied. 
• Early Check-Out, the hotel reserves the right to charge an early departure fee in the event a guest departs earlier than the original departure date
• Guests must be over 18 years old for individual check-in. The ID card or passport is required to be present at the Front Office.
• Guest must present the same credit card used when booking.
• If guests do not show up on the scheduled check-in date, the full amount of first night accommodation will be charged and the rest of your reservation will be cancelled.

Deposit Policy

• A deposit may be required

Pets Policy

• Welcoming pets: we warmly welcome pets of diverse shapes, sizes, and breeds to our pet-friendly haven.
• Outdoor haven: our outdoor terrace serves as a sanctuary for all guests. Should your pets need to answer nature's call, we've set aside a dedicated pet toileting zone near the parking area. Please be considerate and clean up after your furry companions to ensure everyone's comfort.
• Potty etiquette and precautions: we appreciate well-trained pets. While we understand that unforeseen incidents can occur, we encourage the use of pet diapers and pee pads. This helps maintain cleanliness and prevents a cleaning fee of thb 500 per occurrence.
• Respecting personal space: some pets may feel uneasy around others, so responsible pet ownership is crucial to prevent conflicts or discomfort. Any damages or injuries caused by your pet are your responsibility, so it's advisable to bring items like a cat scratcher or dog muzzle.
• Noise consideration: excessive or loud barking might disrupt the tranquil ambiance. We urge you to soothe your pets during stressful times and minimize their noise levels. While we empathize with pets' potential mood swings in a new environment, ensuring the safety of all – guests and staff – remains our priority. We apologize if we request that you relocate your pet temporarily or leave the lobby area in case of aggression.
• Furniture etiquette: we regret to inform you that pets should refrain from accessing furniture or tabletops, and they must avoid any damage to our decor. The responsibility for any potential damage lies with the pet owner.
• Hydration and essentials: pets' well-being is paramount. Apart from food and treats, do remember to bring your pet's preferred water bowl to keep them refreshed and hydrated.
• Predicting the unpredictable: we celebrate our status as a pet-friendly establishment, understanding that pets may react unpredictably in unfamiliar surroundings. Let's collectively ensure a joyful and secure environment by attentively overseeing our furry companions' well-being and happiness at all times.

Room cleaning policy

• Daily room cleaning is available from 8.00 AM – 17.00 PM.
• Our room attendants will not enter the room if guests put on Do not disturb sign.
• If guests would like the linens to be changed, please place the card on pillow / desk and our room attendants will take care of it.
• Our room attendants will make your bed only if you keep all of your belongings out of the bed.

Guest’s visitor

• Guests must inform Front Office in advance if they will have a visitor.
• Guest’s visitor has to register at the Front Office.
• Guest is reliable for action of their visitor.

Pool rules and regulations

• The swimming pool is open to guest use from 8.00 to 20.00 hrs.
• There is no lifeguard on duty so all precautions must be taken for your own safety.
• The depth of the pool is 1.2 meters. Diving is prohibited.
• Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at times.
• Babies and Toddlers must wear appropriate swimming diapers when using the pool area.
• All individuals must shower before using the pool and proper swimwear must be worn at all times.
• The floor of the pool and surrounding areas may be slippery when wet so avoid running and jumping.
• Do not enter the water while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 11
• Swimming is prohibited for people with a contagious disease or having gaping wounds.
• Spitting or blowing the nose is prohibited.
• The hotel accepts no liability for injury, death, or associated with the use of the pool.
• No outside food & drink in the pool area.
• Items unrelated to the pool's usage are not allowed in the pool area.

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